Once named the "MEGA" mum the Supreme mum is our new wave of glamorous, bold and big. Supreme mums are not just about size they are about intricate details, hand crafted style and creative design. Over the past 8 years since we created our first "MEGA" mum we want to return to our roots. All DK Mum is made with top quality products and and molded with our passion for mums but there is a little something extra in each these homecoming mums. They are simply put, show stoppers!! These mums take over any room upon entry. Worn by countless Homecoming Queens and Court this mum has royalty written all over it.
Diane von Furstenberg, Fashion Icon is quoted as saying, "Glamour is shine AND confidence". Wearing one of our supreme creations will give you the confidence and ability to create memories that last a lifetime.

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Call Us: 682-235-MUMS  /   info@dkflorals.com  / 1013 OakCrest Dr. Providence Village, TX 76227

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