The Elite Triple Homecoming Mum 2

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Best in show or Top of the line are terms used to describe our Elite line of Homecoming Mums. This package is our BIGGEST selling package. This charming design includes a little bit of everything and a few upgrades seen only on this level of Homecoming Mum. New for 2020 the Elite package includes 3 standard custom braids, 1 premium custom braid, 2 120g heavy weight boas, Custom Homecoming Lettering, and Diamond Dust Ribbon


The Elite Mum Includes:

3 7.5 inch Flowers

36 inch Ribbons

(school colors)

Crazy Loops for head

1 6 inch Large Bear or Mascot

15 Metallic Ribbons

5 Diamond Dust Ribbons

4 Printed Ribbons

4 Fancy Ribbons

1 Large Military Braid

2nd Custom Braid

3rd Custom Braid

1 Premium Braid

2 Student Names

(Blocked lettering)

3 Decorated Ribbon

3 Metallic Garlands

2 120g Large Fluffy Boa

Custom Homecoming Lettering

Double Ribbon Looped


Double Ribbon Looped Names

2 Large Trinket

20 Regular Trinkets

6 Bells

Bows, Bling and tons of extras.

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