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Dear Friends,


Since I was in high school myself, I have loved everything there is to love about Homecoming Mums. I even made my own in High School. DK Florals Inc. was established out of my love for this very unique craft.  Over 19 years ago we started this business as a hobby. It has grown to become so much more than that today. 

We average almost 200 full-size mums per season and countless pee wee mums. We pride ourselves on our custom designs, handmade braids, and attention to detail. Our style is based on elegance and a divine passion for the craft. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you have come to the right place. We are family-owned and operated in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas but our mums have shipped across many states and even oceans.


About 9 seasons ago we also founded Mums Inc. the first-ever society for Professional Mum makers. We are now over 134 members strong including some of the largest names in Homecoming Design. If you're in the business visit our group website at www.mums-inc.com

We would love to have you. Membership is open from December to March every year.


As always, we welcome your business and we appreciate your trust in helping you create great homecoming memories. Once again our motto is "It's more than a mum, it’s a memory".



Kisha Clark

Owner\Senior Designer

DK Florals Inc.



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682-235-MUMS (6867)


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