Single & Double Homecoming Mums


The single and double homecoming mum is a classic and a common choice. Since the beginning of the mum tradition in Texas these two classic favorites have are always welcome. No matter which size you choose all DK Florals mums are always tailored to your custom order. 


Single Mums are perfect for the first homecoming experience for the spirited freshman or even junior high student. Double Homecoming Mums are a favorite among all classes from freshman to senior.


Each package level provides our customers with the opportunity to create their own custom homecoming experience. Each size is offered in Essential, Sassy, and Elite levels. These levels can also be customized, see below for package descriptions.


We ship our mums all over the Nation but we are local to the Frisco\Little Elm area. Servicing Plano, Denton, Carrollton-Farmers Branch, Little Elm, Mckinney, Keller, Southlake, Little Elm, Prosper and all other surrounding areas. Need a mum in another country, not to worry we have even shipped across waters.

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Single Homecomig Mum
Little Elm Homecoming Mum
Aubrey Homecoming Mum

Starting at $120.00

The Essential Mum Includes:

1 7.0 inch Flowers

(colored flowers available)

 36 inch Ribbons

(school colors)

 Crazy Loops  for head
5 inch or 2 3.5 inch Bears 

Double Layered

 Homecoming Ribbon

 4 Metallic Ribbons

1 Printed Ribbon

1 Fancy Ribbon

2 Custom Braids

2 Student Names

(Block Lettering)

1 Decorated Ribbon

1 Metallic Garland

 1 Medium-weight Boa 

1 Large Trinket

8 Trinkets

 2 Bells

Starting at $150.00

The Sassy Mum Includes:

1 or 2 7.0 inch Flowers

(colored flowers available)

36 inch Ribbons

(school colors)

Crazy Loops for head 

1 or 2 5inch Bears 

8 Metallic Ribbons

 3 Printed Ribbons

2 Fancy Ribbons 

1 Custom Braid

2nd Custom Braid

3rd Custom Braid

2 Student Names

(Block Lettering)

2 Decorated Ribbons

 2 Metallic Garland 

2 100g Fluffy Boas

Looped Homecoming Letters

Looped Names

1 Large Trinket

12 Trinkets

4 Bells

Bows,  Bling and tons of extras.

Starting at $185.00

The Elite Mum Includes:

1 or 2 8.5  inch Flowers

36 inch Ribbons

(school colors)

Crazy Loops for head

1 6 inch Large Bear or Mascot

15 Metallic Ribbons

5 Diamond Dust Ribbons

4 Printed Ribbons

4 Fancy Ribbons 

1 Large Military Braid 

2nd Custom Braid

3rd Custom  Braid

1 Premium Braid

2 Student Names

(Blocked lettering)

3 Decorated Ribbon

3 Metallic Garlands

 2 120g  Large Fluffy Boa

Custom Homecoming Lettering  

 Double Ribbon Looped


Double Ribbon Looped Names

2 Large Trinket

 20 Regular Trinkets 

6 Bells

Bows, Bling and tons of extras.

Examples of our Designs.....