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Extras & Examples

Our Homecoming Mums offer a lot of options and upgrades. We offer themes, various plush items, and many options to create the perfect design for our customers. Check out the photos of some of those options below.  


Over the years we have developed many custom lettering options. From our MEGA custom-cut letters to elegant Rhinestone options we have something to offer everyone. 


Braiding has always been a key element of any DK design. We offer over 10 types of braiding options for our customers. 


Every mum can use a unique mascot or plush bear to make it special. We offer a wide variety of options and colors for every possibility. 

Ornaments & Bling

This is but a small sample of the bling items and ornaments we have available. The sky is the limit and not many have what we have. Contact us today.

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