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  • What Schools do you work with?
    We work with whomever calls us. Since we ship we carry all color combinations.
  • How much does a mum cost?
    Mums vary in pricing. Our mums from Pee Wee to Couture range from $30.00 - $495.00. We offer something for ever budget and every style.
  • Can you ship a Homecoming Mum?
    YES, we have been shipping Homecoming Mums safely and securly with Federal Express for over 16 years. All mums are safely packaged in order to ensure the best arrival. 40-50% of our mums are shipped all over the US. We have also shipped internationally. We ship Full size mums in a 48x12x12 box for standard mums. Over sized mum ship in 48x16x16 sized boxes. Pee Wee and Garters are shipped in 24x12x10 boxes.
  • How long does it take to get a mum shipped?
    We ship all Homecoming Mum orders on the Monday before your Homecoming date. Earlier shipping can be arranged, please call (682-235-6867) or email ( before ordering to guarantee ship times.
  • How long does it take to make a Homecoming Mum?
    Every order is different it all depends on what size and style you have ordered. If you have specific questions, please contact us directly.
  • What is the difference between the Essential Package, the Sassy Package or the Elite Package?"
    For the first time in 18 years we have rebranded our mums. Each package has a specific meaning and customer in mind. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email @ The Essential Mum Package is often considered the entry level package or a great start place for someone who wants to customize every part of their order. In Texas Homecoming mums are an essential part of the high school homecoming mum experience. This bundle has everything you need to get started at the best bang for your buck. New for 2020 the highlights of this package include 2 custom braids, looped homecoming and a medium weight chandelle boa. The Sassy Mum Package The definition of sassy is lively and spirited, these are perfect words to describe the Sassy Homecoming Mum Package. Popular with any young lady who wants to show her school spirit. Designed to provide the most bang for your buck as well as a beautiful end result. This package is common to Sophomores and Juniors. Its a perfect mid range mum that fits any budget. All packages can be customized to the wearers needs. 3 custom braids, looped homecoming and looped names, 2 100g boas, 3 inch jingle bell w/bow. The Elite Mum Package is Best in show or Top of the line are terms used to describe our Elite line of Homecoming Mums. This package is our BIGGEST selling package. This charming design includes a little bit of everything and a few upgrades seen only on this level of Homecoming Mum. New for 2020 the Elite package includes 3 standard custom braids, 1 premium custom braid, 2 120g heavy weight boas, Custom Homecoming Lettering, and Diamond Dust Ribbon
  • What is a Supreme mum?
    Once named the "MEGA" mum the Supreme mum is our new wave of glamorous, bold and big. Supreme mums are not just about size they are about intricate details, hand crafted style and creative design. It has been over 10 years now, since we created our first "MEGA" mum we wanted to return to our design roots. All DK Mums are made with top quality products and and molded with our passion for mums but there is a little something extra in each these homecoming mums. They are simply put, show stoppers!! These mums take over any room upon entry. Worn by countless Homecoming Queens and Court this mum has royalty written all over it.
  • What is the Lavish Line?
    From the beginning we have always been very passionate about the level of creativity we put into our designs. We Never stick to tradition or conform to norms. This is the foundation that we built our business on. Elegant, Artistic and Unique are the words our customers use to desribe our design style. So we wanted to produce a line of mums that were born purely out of our love for the craft. On July 15th of 2022 we will release our first set of couture mums in 7 years. These are dreams or ideas I have had for mums for years. They are based on things I love or things that inspire me. I can't wait to share them with all of you. Interested in our Lavish Line use the contact us form or email us directly @ If you can dream of it we can design it. For us its more than a mum, its a memory!
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Providence Village, Texas very close to Aubrey or the Little Elm/Frisco area. We ship mums and supplies nationwide.
  • Do you sell supplies?
    No, we no longer sell supplies.
  • How do we place an order online for a mum?
    Customer can place their orders anytime via the website. Call us @ 682-235-6867 or email us at with questions. ​ 1. Select your mum. 2. Customize your order. ​ 3. Check out. ​ 4, Your order is shipped or pick-up is arranged. It's that simple. We ship all over the United States and Internationally. Local orders can arrange for pick-up as well.
  • How do we place an order in-person for a mum?
    In-Person Orders ​ 1. Schedule your design appointment. 2. Design your mum with your mum. 3. Check out. ​ 4. Pick up Your oder
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