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Junior Homecoming Mums

Introduced in 2016, the "Junior" Homecoming Mum Line has become a favorite of our customers. This line of mums is designed to fit our petite, younger-aged customers or the young lady who wants something smaller. These mums are 26 inches in length and use a slightly smaller flower in each order. We simply package our design on a smaller scale. This mum can work for any flower count, single, double or triple. Each level of mum provides our customers with the opportunity to customize their homecoming experience.


Simply add your mum to your cart and customize to your needs. Want to see more of our designs click HERE to see our photo gallery.

Need something extra special?

Check out our Homecoming Couture section or our Supreme Homecoming Mums. Call us at 682-235-MUMS!


EMAIL us with questions @


Check out our Photo Gallery for more examples of our designs.




Starting at $150.00

Starting at $185.00

The Single Sweetheart JuniorMum Includes:

1 7.0 inch Flowers

(colored flowers available)

Crazy Loops or Looped Backing for head, 26-inch Ribbons (school colors)

5-inch bear, 4 Metallic Ribbons

2 Custom Braids, Block Student Letters

Double Layered Homecoming Ribbon

2 Student Names, 1 Decorated Ribbon

2 Printed Ribbons, 1 Medium-weight Boa, 1 Garland, 1 Large Trinket

6 Trinkets, and 2 Bells.

The Triple Sweetheart Junior Mum Includes:

3 7.0 inch Flowers (colored flowers available), 26-inch Ribbons

(school colors), Crazy Loops for the head, 2 5inch Bears, 8 Metallic Ribbons, 3 Printed Ribbons, 2 Fancy Ribbons, 

2 Custom Braid (students choice)

2 Student Names (Block Lettering)

2 Decorated Ribbons, 2 Metallic Garland, 2 100g Large Fluffy Boa 

Looped Homecoming Letters, 1 Large Trinket, 12 Trinkets, 4 Bells

Bows,  Bling and tons of extras.

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