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Introducing the Lavish Line by DK Florals Inc. Each one of the mums included in this Haute Couture line are examples of one of a kind designs. Each order is thoroughly planned out in an effort to create something special and unique for the potential wearer. 


Homecoming mums are a passion of ours. Since the start DK Florals Inc. over 18 years ago we have always attempted to bring something extra, something elegant to this craft. Tradition is beautiful and classic. However, the designs for Lavish Line breaks boundaries of Homecoming Mum design. These mums are not just about size they are about top of the line ribbon, glass ornaments,  




Every now and then we are inspired by fashion, trends and themes found in popular culture. Pegasus was born out of my love for unicorns and the color purple. I am also a bit obsessed with anything iridescent. Have an idea for a unique Homecoming Mum? Call us today @ 682-235-MUMS. or book an appointment below.