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Quad Homecoming Mums

Our custom Quad Homecoming Mums are an upperclassman favorite. Originally developed for Seniors, it provides the chance for our customers to go all out for their final year. Add and accent color, choose non-traditional designs or go with traditional school spirit. No matter what type of design you choose we can help make that dream come true. 

Quads are designed to be the final statement for seniors. Each of our Quads are loaded with sparkling ribbons, glittering trinkets, and that little something extra. 

Our quads come in two levels of service which still allows for customization. Quads are available in The Sassy or The Elite varieties. 

Need something special?

Check out our Homecoming Couture section or our Supreme XL Homecoming Mums. Call us at 682-235-MUMS!

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Check out our Photo Gallery for more examples of our designs.

Examples of our Designs...

Starting at $325.00

The Sassy Quad Mum Includes:

4 7.0 inch Flowers, Crazy Loops or Tulle for Head, 1 6inch Colorama, 36-inch Ribbons (school colors), Various glitter items in the head, 10  Metallic Ribbons, 4  Printed Ribbons, 4  Fancy Ribbons, 1 Custom Braid, 1 Large Military Braid, 2nd Custom Braid, 3rd Custom Braid, 2 Student Names, 1 Large Looped Homecoming, Looped Names, 2 Garlands, 2 Decorated Ribbon, 2 Large Trinket, 1 Large Fluffy Boas, 10+ Trinkets, 4 Bells (Large and Small)

Tons of bling, Large bows, and much much more.