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7 Homecoming Mum trends that will blow your mind!

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Long ago Homecoming Mums were thought to be very simple and easy to design. Today things have made a drastic shift in what is considered "top of the line" or "the in thing". When my customers place their orders today or come in for a consultation they have a completely different idea of what they want. Mums makers now spend a good majority of their time shopping outside the lines of basic trinkets or acetate ribbon. We find ourselves raiding the Christmas isles with vendors or checking on the latest trends in fashion for inspiration. Customers want special colors, burlap, pearls to say the least. So lets take a moment and look at what is truly in season for Homecoming 2018.

7. Burlap - This material is popping up everywhere. From weddings to home decor everywhere you turn Burlap is there. Its a rustic feature that made an appearance on the mum scene about 5 years ago and it shows no sign of leaving anytime soon.

6. Blinged out Braids - This idea has been around for quite some time but shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. Add something extra to your braids with some added sparkle.

5. Pretty Ornaments - Trinkets are still in use but much less than they have been. One of the most popular items in today's mum design is the use of beautiful ornaments. They may reflect a sport, a specific style or even religion. This idea is here to stay.

4. Pearls - Over the past few years we have seen the rise of the pearl in mum design. From trimming braids to classic accents pearls have made a resurgence in our fabulous little Texas tradition.

3. Custom Cut Letters & Logos - Since the birth of the cutting machine we have slowly seen cutting machines make their way into mum design. Giving designers the options to create any type of text, team logo, sport or activity.

2. Specialty Colors - Mums often follow the trends of weddings and fashion. Over the years we have seen all sorts of colors become popular. Most recently colors like Coral, Pewter, Aqua, Yellow and Champagne are huge in Mum designs. However any color is possible.

1. This years biggest and brightest trend is the popularity of rose gold. Its a beautiful pinkish gold color that is now seen all over home decor, weddings and now MUMS. This year we are offering a Rose Gold package for all of our mum designs. We cannot wait to work with this fabulous new trend. It is definitely elegance at its best.

Overall your Homecoming experience is truly what you make it. Our motto is "Its more than a mum its a memory". That is always our top goal. Whatever you can envision is our pleasure to bring to life.

Till next time friends,

Kisha Clark


DK Florals Inc.

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