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What's new with DK Florals Inc? (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

For the past 18 years we have been focused on growth and building a strong business. We have been blessed to be successful but like anything after so much time a few things needed sprucing up. Like so many, with the crazy year we have had so far in 2020 we couldn't think of a better time to revamp our mum brand. We have so many exciting plans but we wanted to take a moment to explain some of the changes you see.

Our entire homecoming mum and garter line has been re-branded. It was time for something fresh and new. You will notice all new names and packages for all of our mums. Each new Package is explained in detail below with the changes that are included.


The Essential Mum Package

This package is often considered the entry level package or a great start place for someone who wants to customize every part of their order. In Texas Homecoming mums are an essential part of the high school homecoming mum experience. This bundle has everything you need to get started at the best bang for your buck. Put together with over 18 years of experience in what customers want in a Homecoming mum. New for 2020 the highlights of this package include 2 custom braids, looped homecoming and a medium weight chandelle boa.

The Sassy Mum Package

The definition of sassy is lively and spirited, these are perfect words to describe the Sassy Homecoming Mum Package. Popular with any young lady who wants to show her school spirit. Designed to provide the most bang for your buck as well as a beautiful end result. This package is common to Sophomores and Juniors. Its a perfect mid range mum that fits any budget. All packages can be customized to the wearers needs. New for 2020 this package includes 3 custom braids, looped homecoming and looped names, 2 100g boas, 3 inch jingle bell w/bow.

The Elite Mum Package

Best in show or Top of the line are terms used to describe our Elite line of Homecoming Mums. This package is our BIGGEST selling package. This charming design includes a little bit of everything and a few upgrades seen only on this level of Homecoming Mum. New for 2020 the Elite package includes 3 standard custom braids, 1 premium custom braid, 2 120g heavy weight boas, Custom Homecoming Lettering, and Diamond Dust Ribbon.


The Supreme Mums

Once named the "MEGA" mum the Supreme mum is our new wave of glamorous, bold and big. Supreme mums are not just about size they are about intricate details, hand crafted style and creative design. Over the past 8 years since we created our first "MEGA" mum we want to return to our roots. All DK Mum is made with top quality products and and molded with our passion for mums but there is a little something extra in each these homecoming mums. They are simply put, show stoppers!! These mums take over any room upon entry. Worn by countless Homecoming Queens and Court this mum has royalty written all over it.

It took some time but we are very proud of our updated and more inclusive product line. Stay tuned for our next blog entry where we explain various new packages that will be available this year. We have taken the time to review current trends, colors and themes to give our customers the best options for their investment.

We love what we do and we hope it shows!

Till next time folks,

Kisha Clark

Owner/Senior Designer

DK Florals Inc.

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