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Why We Love Homecoming Mums

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

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I think I was in 7th grade the very first time I saw a Homecoming mum. It was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen. Everyone was standing around this young girl and all you could see were sparkles and glitter. That day nothing else mattered other than the interesting and pretty items each girl had on her homecoming mum. There were no cool kids or nerds that day, everyone just wanted to talk about mums.  It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. In my hometown, 8th graders were allowed to wear homecoming mums for the high school they would be attending the next year. I could not wait to be an 8th grader so I could get my first Homecoming mum. Excuse me for a flashback, Go Manor Rams!! 

This crazy craft....

Back to why I love this crazy craft. Everything about about homecoming mums is exciting to me. Even the history of its simple beginning to the constant conversation about their new extreme sizes and details. Be it that I love everything mum it brings out the most creative part of me.

Each order I receive I am literally trying to get into the head of the kid I am creating the mum for. Is he an Artist? Is she a dancer or going to A&M in the fall. Is she a polka dot or a chevron girl? Every detail on our mums is all about its wearer. My love for this craft is folded in every single ribbon. After making literally thousands of Homecoming Mums over the years its still a grand adventure every time I get a new order. I treasure each and every memory.

This is why our motto is "It's more than a mum its a memory!!"

Homecoming mums are a long standing Texas tradition. It is synonymous with the spirit of Texas football. For over 60 years homecoming mums have been apart of football as Texans know it. Mums are a strange idea to anyone who isn't from Texas or grew up just waiting for the minute to be old enough to wear one.  I've heard everything from that is so cool to I simply don't get it! However once they see them it doesn't take long  for anyone to be enamored by their beauty and creativity.

Every single mum we create is a representative of what our customers have accomplished to this point in their life. From Cheerleading, Soccer to  Band and Drama our mums give our kids a way to show their individuality. Its a way to show your individual school spirit! These are memories that last a lifetime and at DK Florals we consider it a gift to be apart of your special occasion.

So why do we love mums, we love them because of what they can become and the young customers they represent. We hope you love our mums as much as we love making them for you. Happy Homecoming everyone! The 2016 season is here. 

Mums are apart of the fabric of memories we build in high school.

Till next time, Kisha Clark Owner\Senior Designer DK Florals Inc.


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