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Part 2 - Designing A Homecoming Mum with DK Florals Inc.

At this stage in my design, the vision starts to take shape. We start to add the sparkle that makes the mum special. Below you will see where we left off in the last part of our story. The body has shape, we have added a layer of fullness with our boas. From here we will begin to add our decorated ribbons, braids and final touches. You can see below side by side as the skirt begins to take it form. From left to right you can see the progression of the design process.

Building the skirt in layers enables us to make give the customer various levels of surprises. There is always something special and new to find every time they look or an admirer peaks into the ribbons in the design. Our goal when we build a mum is to make sure we capture each detail the customer requested. Each of our decorated ribbons focuses on the cheer aspect of the design. Hints of chevron touch several of the decorated ribbons you see in the pictures above. When making your Homecoming mum focus on the fun. 

In previous articles, I have mentioned that anything can be used to decorate a homecoming mum and that is true. The majority of what makes a DK Florals mum special is the time and effort we put into finding those items. Some of our favorite items to decorate with are craft items used in hair bows, trim from the sewing section and even miniature toys.

Elegance is the name of the game and that means everything has limits. Soft touches of bling and lace and sparkle go a long way. So use them to bring highlights to your favorite ribbons or trinkets in your design. For our designs the goal is to spread to pretty so each object is noticed. It is true there can never be too much bling or glitter but we also believe it has to be well placed and even.

The photos below show the progression of the layers we discussed. Each layer bring new volume to the entire picture. Once this is complete we are done with the skirt. It is set aside to work on the next focus, The Head!

We have finally come to the place in the design where we work on the crowning achievement. Stay tuned for the next and final installment in Designing a Homecoming Mum with DK Florals Inc.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time...

Kisha Clark

Owner\Senior Designer 

DK Florals Inc.

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