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Part 3 - Homecoming Mum Head Design

At this point in the design you have reached the end. We are at the defining moment in your Homecoming Mum Design. Creating the head can be time consuming for us because we put so many touches on each design. However, this is the point when we like to display something special about our customer. The head is the first thing most people notice. So have fun with it, create something that shows who you are.

This customer requested to put an initial of some sort in the flower of the mum. Either for the team mascot or for the young lady's name. We went with the customers initial. Your local craft store has tons of letter variations. Foam, plastic, wood, finished and unfinished. These can be painted, glitter or covered in rhinestones. It's an great way to personalize the flower. For heads of this size we normally glue in the flower and let it dry over night just to make sure it's solid before we start adding decor. Same thing goes for the letter, especially if you paint or glitter them the night before and let it dry overnight.

Since the customer asked for chevron accents we wanted to make sure we used it somehow in the head. We decided to dress the bear in a skirt using the same materials we used in the body of the mum. I am a bit of a stickler for a cohesive look. What we use in the head is used in the skirt. All of this is all decided before we ever cut a single ribbon for the order. Crafting is about expression but expression can have design rules or themes you follow. Every design we create is unique but each on still follow some simple design rules. We want the look to be a statement, look as if it was thought about. We want the wearer to feel like this day is all about her or him. You will see in the photo to the right we used the same holographic ribbon and there is a pattern to the loops in the head. One elegant theme throughout the entire design.

Once the head is dry, we pull out all of the pieces we plan to use. We will do a dry run. This simply means placing everything before actually doing any gluing. Generally, we will go ahead and secure the bear and add in the letter. That way you can make sure that all of your bling and trinkets are not going to get in the way of the major design items. You can arrange flowers, bling and other items to accent the primary design. With time and patience you can see the design come together. Then the two come together. We will cover construction in a whole other blog topic. It will need at least thee separate articles as well. Take a look at the finished product below.

Till next time,

 Kisha Crooks  Owner\Senior Designer  DK Florals Inc.


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